International Academy of Medical Reflexology

Welcome to the International Academy of Medical Reflexology's ecommerce store. Surely, these are treasures you will include with your most valued possessions. If you have any problems with your order, please e-mail us at Please contact us if you are interested in enrolling in our "Gold Standard" Reflexology Academy by visiting, calling us at 267-424-4549 and/or sending us an email to

Be sure to visit us at for all class and student friendly enrollment information. The IAAR is a licensed Post Secondary School - the first and only Medical Reflexology Program licensed in the United States to date. Please visit our website in order to access the student handbook page, and fully review the official government codes you qualify under once graduated from our licensed school Medical Reflexology Academy. Professor Telepo welcomes your inquiries, please call Ph: 267-424-4549 Ph: 610-438-0021 Fax: 610-438-0196.

Schools or Stores - please call Ph: 267-424-4549 or Ph: 610-438-0021 or Fax: 610-438-0196 to order in quantity and to receive store rates.

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Licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools of Education as a Post-Secondary School. This academy is official under Medical Services Reflexology, refer to Government Codes on the website

Member, PAPSA, Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators